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Care Coordination

Unlocking better health outcomes is our top priority at Care Coordination. Our comprehensive services are meticulously designed to identify and tackle the social and economic barriers that can hinder an individual's well-being. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide personalized support to address the unique challenges faced by each patient. Experience the transformative power of our Care Coordination services and achieve optimal health and vitality like never before.

Care Coordination Services

Improving a patient’s health outcomes is the primary goal of our Care Coordination services. Interim HealthCare partners with large employers, insurance plans, and individuals to identify and address social and economic challenges impacting a person’s well-being, such as:

+ Mental health issues

+ Access to community resources

+ Support of healthcare professionals

+ Social Determinants of Wellness

Once challenges are identified, we align with physicians, counselors, nurses, and other outside services to coordinate the care a patient needs to overcome them. This may include, but is not limited to:

+ Transportation to/from medical appointments

+ Mental health counseling

+ Grocery shopping

+ Home improvement/safety

+ Home healthcare

We begin by performing a comprehensive assessment that identifies issues such as food insecurity, personal safety, housing challenges, lack of transportation, financial strain, utilities, education for family members, and coordination of care with the payer and their physician. Through the Social Determinant of Health program, Interim HealthCare also recommends interventions with members and mobilizes community resources that address social barriers to their care.

By coordinating the care an individual needs to thrive, we can improve their health outcomes, minimize potential risks and provide the most targeted, cost-effective care.

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