HIPAA Security required by law.


HIPAA security standards guard the integrity, confidentiality and availability of individual health information. Healthcare providers that transmit or maintain electronic health information must conduct a risk assessment and develop a security plan to protect individual health information. They must also document these measures, keep them current and train their employees on appropriate security procedures.



The security standards are divided into four categories:


• Administrative procedures are documented, formal standards for selecting and executing information security measures. These procedures also address staff responsibilities for protecting data. 



• Physical safeguards protect physical computer systems and related buildings and equipment from fire and other environmental hazards, as well as intrusion. Locks, keys and administrative measures may be used to control access to computer systems and facilities. 



• Technical data security services protect, control and monitor information access. 



• Technical security mechanisms prevent unauthorized access to data transmitted over a communications network.



UNIQUE HOME HEALTH is a covered entity of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996)- SECURITY STANDARDS. This healthcare provider uses “ServerAll and Dumatek Services” combined in implementing security standards with implementation specifications that are “Required and Addressable” stated in the Final Rule. Documentation may be furnished upon request to present details of how this agency meets the security standards and how it maintains CONFIDENTIALITY, INTEGRITY, and AVAILABILITY of the electronic protected health information (e-PHI) extant in the computer network system used by this healthcare provider. This program is made ready to assist in maintaining continuous compliance to the HIPAA SECURITY STANDARDS.